Antecedents of the company.

Mexico has not only a legend of mythology, retains something equally true, as the arrival of Italian settlers to land in Veracruz, the government of Benito Juárez as president of the republic, people with knowledge of crops and new technology used Mexican shore.

It is in Gutierrez Zamora in Veracruz state, where Francisco Arzani Sartirana in 1873 was based on experience in the best curing vanilla.

This tradition goes through Francisco Arzani Geovannini, who in 1920 built the first furnace process for preserving the tradition in cured vanilla of terms of the same quality.

In the year of 1973, Mr. Enrique Arzani Bustos , Francisco Arzani Sartirana grandson, knows the secrets of the benefit of vanilla, builds the facilities of the processing plant that is used today.

In 2002 was founded Trading of Vanilla from the Totonacapan SPR de RL de CV, Company dedicated to the planting, grown and cure vanilla process and the production of Vanilla Beans Extract, Vanilla powder, vanilla seeds and crafts.

Composed of producers with extensive knowledge in the production of orchid whose crops are located precisely in the vast region of the Totonacapan.

The excellent quality has been brought to the world through 4 generations.
In Trading of vanilla from Papantla, we worry about:

Bring the best of the Mexican cure vanilla from their place of origin Papantla Veracruz.
Support the economic development of small producers.

Orchid of Papantla distribute brand name under which the market cure vanilla, vanilla extract, vanilla powder and crafts, ensuring the consumer products made with natural vanilla do not contain dyes, preservatives or artificial additives.


High Oil and VANILLIN content to lower costs and open competition in foreign markets, to maintain the leadership of more than 100 years in the international market.


  • Offering natural products to domestic and international markets and are recognized by their origin and quality brand whenever there.
  • Maintaining the leadership of more than 100 years
  • Expand our markets, so profitable and sustained by developing our products with natural raw materials of better quality.
  • Achieving total presence in the domestic and international markets by exploiting natural resources - to promote human productivity in our company.
  • Spreading the vanilla as a natural and unique product.

Quality Policy

Reaching vanilla containing the highest quality that meets the demands of our customers


Quality. Fully meet the requirements and expectations of internal and external customers in a timely manner, permanent and fair cost.

Establish in advance how they will make efforts to obtain the resources necessary to carry out in an orderly manner and achieve the desired objective.

Honorable behavior is straight and honest with oneself, people and businesses. (Love the shirt).

Dissemination of activities and actions related to the company.
Consideration to the ideas, rights and responsibilities of individuals and compliance with policies, standards, laws and regulations in the workplace and in society.

. Respect the rights of others.

Characteristics of people that allows them to recognize their mistakes and successes, as well as use and care honestly all the resources of the company. (Defined not only as not to steal but to express what we think and / or feel).

Achieve the planned objectives. Performing all the activities of the company at fair cost.

. Time and date in fulfilling all the commitments made by making the provision of services and activities at predetermined times.

. Ability to express and practice imaginative ideas including innovation and invention.

Involvement in all activities necessary for achieving the objectives of the company. Doing the job, "first and always," as well as providing suggestions based on experience.

. It is the skill required to perform activities safely and getting better.